Employment with Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc.

An equal opportunity employer.

If our company interests you as a potential employer, we would like to hear from you.

We are a small company that sets very high standards for our employees, so expect to be asked tough questions and be ready to work hard. At Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. we know that excellence comes from the ability of each of us to work well with the rest of the staff and each of us to demand the utmost from ourselves. You can expect a work environment where you will need to interact well with other employees and where honest, effective working relationships are very important to our success. If you would like to work at a place where excellence, intelligence, integrity, quality, and a dedication to making a real impact are still rewarded, you will thoroughly enjoy working at Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc.

If you are hoping for an environment where favoritism rules, mediocrity is rewarded, and "good enough" will eventually earn you a promotion, you won't last a month with us.

Still interested? Then please feel free to send us a resume and please check this space periodically.