Keynote Speaking

While our day-long trainings were always the most important services we felt we could offer, in recent years, John H. Campbell has been in increasing demand as a keynote and conference speaker at events associated with community problem solving.

His speeches are designed to provide an inspirational, fresh look at the challenges, barriers, frustrations, and inspirations that face neighborhood leaders, problem-solving officers, code enforcers, public housing directors, elected leaders, and other community organizers.

Drawing from two decades of citizen involvement work, Mr. Campbell often speaks of the "levels of thinking" that can prevent neighborhood health or effective community management and describes changes in thinking that can lead to profound success. He discusses how both cities and citizens put up barriers to more effective solutions and shows how both have the ability to encourage very powerful solutions.

Though his expertise now stands on two decades of national training and consulting experience, Mr. Campbell still credits the moment he changed his own thinking, while organizing in his own neighborhood, with his own neighbors. As he describes it, "All of us who do the work of neighborhood leadership reach a new level of effectiveness when we finally and fully embrace this simple fact: That in a democracy, having a decent neighborhood is not a right; it's a responsibility. The challenge then, whether you are a neighbor, a landlord, a cop, a code inspector, or any other staff or stakeholder is to reawaken the sleeping giant that is our communities' true power and best hope for genuine, lasting community renewal."