Landlord/Property Management Training

One of our first and best known works is the Landlord Training Program: Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property. With funding from the U.S. Department of Justice, we created the original program in 1989 as a community policing tool that helps landlords and property managers improve management skills and contribute more effectively to the health of the community. The program has received national recognition as an Innovation in State and Local Government from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Over 550 jurisdictions, from 47 states and 3 nations, have received permission to adapt the program materials. Over 17,000 landlords have been trained in Portland and many times that across the nation. We also provide in-service training for police officers and consult across the country with city governments and Public Housing Agencies on landlord/tenant/police issues.

The Landlord Training Program is now being spread through train-the-trainer seminars developed originally through a cooperative agreement between Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. and the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance. (As described in more depth elsewhere on this site, the licensing process and training materials are provided through our office for no charge. On-site trainings are funded by the jurisdictions.) During the first year of trainer seminars alone, when trainings were offered at no charge (a benefit of the original federal funding), we trained over 500 participants representing 260 jurisdictions in 37 states in how to develop the program, at five train-the-trainer events held in cities across the nation.

We continue to provide such no-cost support as the program manual licensing for public organizations and basic program materials and information available on this site. We can also provide more in-depth assistance if your agency can identify funding for train-the-trainer or direct landlord training assistance. To gain some understanding of the program and what we can provide, browse the pages here and learn about manuals, training overviews, and program development information. If you don't find the answers you need, please feel free to call us. John H. Campbell is the program director for the Landlord Training Program and is always willing to speak about the program. When he is in the office, he'll take your call as quickly as possible. However, should you call when he is traveling to provide trainings, we ask for your patience until he is back and available!