Nuisance Abatement

Our nuisance abatement trainings grow directly from the work we have conducted since 1989 on methods to turnaround impacted neighborhoods. Trainings are tailored to the needs of the group that is being trained. We have taught nuisance abatement strategies and problem solving to each of the following groups:

  • Police officers
  • Code enforcement personnel
  • Prosecuting attorneys
  • Fire service personnel
  • Neighborhood leaders
  • Managers of low-income and affordable housing

Anyone familiar with these diverse groups will immediately recognize that it is not possible for the same training to work as effectively for each one. While the content is similar and does certainly overlap, every training is adjusted to needs and concerns of the individuals and the roles they play in their community.

For those wondering about the general approach we take, we encourage you to review the manual we wrote on the subject for the Enterprise Foundation: Solving Chronic Nuisance Problems: A Nuisance Abatement Guide for Neighborhood Leaders. By John H. Campbell. Published originally by the Enterprise Foundation, Inc. (10227 Wincopin Circle, Suite 500, Columbia, Maryland 21044, Copyright 2001, The Enterprise Foundation. Also available in CDRI updated editions.

If you are looking for a training that best fits the needs of your community, your best bet is to contact John H. Campbell, Director of Training, and discuss your needs directly.