Public and Subsidized Housing Consulting

We have worked with the full range of public and subsidized housing issues, from big-city Housing Authorities facing extreme drug and gang problems to helping the residents of a small native Alaskan village address issues of community decay in the face of rising drug and alcohol abuse.   Our work also includes extensive work with providers of transitional housing and the development of unique management tools for this particularly unique housing management situation.   Included in our services are the following:

Assessments and management training:
We conduct reviews and provide training on management practices, particularly screening, lease enforcement, environmental design, resident involvement and police relations for management at public, subsidized, affordable, and transitional housing.

Review and updating of screening and lease procedures: We have assisted housing authorities and other providers of subsidized and affordable housing in the redesign and updating of their screening, lease language, and lease enforcement procedures to improve management ability to serve responsible tenants by providing better opportunity for a safer, more peaceful housing community.

Orientation tools and videos: We have also developed award-winning resident orientation videos for Public Housing Authorities.  Topics have included orienting tenants to public housing rules and regulations; orienting tenants to methods for making the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program successful for them; and providing an orientation to the process and procedures associated with Hope VI remodels and tenant relocation needs and requirements.

Resident trainings:  We also train residents in community involvement, problem solving and successful tenancy practices.  In short, residents at subsidized housing are every bit as interested, if not more, in the same tools we teach to all neighborhood organizers.   For example, we worked with the Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County to develop a manual on Mobile Neighborhood Watches and we have worked with the Kunigmiut Resident Council of Buckland, Alaska to develop a plan to reduce drug problems in their village.

We have been dealing with the issues since 1989 and, in the mid 1990s, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development registered us as approved for providing technical assistance in the following categories: eviction procedures, lease agreements, screening procedures, designing & implementing programs, needs assessment surveys, strategic planning, training design and development, training delivery strategies, training of trainers, community policing, neighborhood watch, problem oriented policing, resident patrols, community organizing, and working with residents or resident involvement.