What People are Saying About our Trainings

Below is a sample of some the comments collected on post-training questionnaires following a presentation of a Landlord Training Program seminar by CDRI:

What police officers and other future trainers say about the National Landlord Training Program, Train-the-Trainer seminar:

  • Thank you for bringing everything together. I honestly did not realize how much would be involved in Landlord Training. It was exceptionally thorough.

  • The instructor was very knowledgeable and his method of teaching was very effective. This class will definitely be an asset for myself, the department, and the community.

  • I firmly believe this program can be the cause for direct reduction in crime occurring in rental units, which account for over 50% of the crime in most cities.

  • The instructor was very knowledgeable and up on the information. He even knew the police procedures and policies even though he is not a police officer.

  • It was great bringing law enforcement and landlords together. You have an excellent overall concept.

  • Mr. Campbell is an excellent trainer and provided information in an effective and interesting manner. The training techniques were beneficial.

  • Excellent overview of Landlord/Tenant/Police relationship -- offered great options.

  • I felt the training was excellent, and I gathered additional information to assist in my daily activities as a police officer.

  • The program should be a key point of any drug intervention program.


What landlords say about the eight-hour Landlord Training Program:

  • Very good course. We need all managers and owners and landlords to take this course. Very informative!

  • I really like coming to the course and I would recommend this to any other manager to help them out.

  • Tremendous experience. I learned so much in this short period of time!

  • I've been a manager for 20 years. This was a great training that offered good ideas to put in place.

  • I just started managing a complex and this training was invaluable to me.

  • [The manual] is a tool that I can always refer to should I forget, or need to stimulate some creative thinking for a solution.

  • I believe there is a very big drug problem in society today. It's encouraging to see a positive action being taken. Let's hope for more involvement.

  • I learned a lot and will change things on my property now that I know more about the rules and laws.

  • I will take more time during my application process in order for me to safeguard my community.

  • The instructor was very good and very professional, very knowledgeable.

  • The friendly approach to a very serious situation was well received.

  • I brought crossword puzzles to work on if the presentation got boring. I did not have the opportunity to work on them -- a compliment!

  • A very dynamic speaker. I enjoyed the presentation!

  • As you realized we needed specific information, you tailored the course to meet our needs.

  • All landlords need to take this course.