Polling and Community Research

Public Sector Research Services

Provider of opinion research for public sector clients throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Quantitative and qualitative research is custom-designed to meet each client's unique needs. Not just data collection. We listen to your needs, design and conduct the research, and then help you understand what it really means.

Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. can help your organization:

  • Understand your community and its perceptions of your organization
  • Refine and improve the services it provides
  • Understand the opinions and underlying attitudes of key audiences
  • Improve relations with its community
  • Enhance communications between key audiences
  • Accelerate its ability to meet its goals

We help our public clients solve problems through the right combination of research, innovation, common sense, and a commitment to quality.

Intelligent Input on Community Issues

“Every community has a unique set of community leaders, a unique vision, and is facing a unique set of issues. That's why we start every project by listening to the client — both staff and elected officials — then designing and conducting research that is the best fit for that community. Once data collection is complete, because we listened at the beginning, we can help decision makers not only hear what the community said, but make it clear what it means in terms of moving the community forward.”

Martha DeLong, CEO & Research Director