Voter and Constituent Polling

For both public agencies and candidates, CDRI can supply the information needed to be successful when placing a ballot measure or name before voters. How? By doing more than just providing a read on what would happen "if the election were held today." With CDRI you gain:

  • An accurate assessment of the strength of voter support for a measure or candidate. Using the best available methodologies, sample generation, and questions, we assess both voter willingness to support a measure or candidate today and when the election is actually going to be held. Then, using a model based on past voter polls and final election results, we project what, based on our experience, the final vote is likely to be on election day.
  • Identification of key benefits to communicate to voters. First we work with our clients to identify what the benefits to the community will be if the measure passes or the candidate wins the election. In our experience, this is not always an easy task. Public agencies tend to focus on the number of positions filled or buildings built and candidates may focus on issues that are not important to voters. Once put into language voters can understand, we assess the importance of these benefits to voters, identifying which are most desired by key audiences.
  • A common understanding to focus decision makers and key communicators. One of the key indicators of success with voters is the level of agreement among organizational leadership that the proposed measure or candidate is what's best for the community. CDRI works with leadership throughout the process to ensure the findings from the research are understood and embraced by all key players. This results in a focused approach to communications that contributes significantly to success at the ballot box.

A article describing a case-study of two different fire districts for which we have done research that describes our approach in additional detail may be found at this link.

Examples of voter survey reports are often included on our library page

For a simple analysis/summary we developed to examine the 2012 election results for Oregon Bond and Levy measures around the state, click here.