Industries Served

Private Sector: The voice of the market

Business-to-Business and Consumer Product Research

The principals at Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. have worked with private companies, large and small, in the U.S. and Europe since the 1980s in both business-to-business and consumer product research.  Whether the question is regional business development or design and marketing of worldwide products and services, we've done it and we are ready to make the difference you are looking for. While we don't disclose the specifics of the work we do for our private sector clients, we can certainly give you a good idea of our areas of expertise.  Click on the private sector menu item in the left hand column for more information.

Public Sector & Nonprofit: The power of community

Research, Training, and Planning

Whether the issue is community assessments, voter and constituent polling, program development research, organizational planning, or community problem solving trainings, Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. has developed a substantial track record working with local, state, and federal agencies to improve services and make a greater difference to the communities served. Click on the public sector and nonprofit menu item in the left hand column for more information.