About Us

Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. was incorporated in January of 1990 and founded on the values of intelligence, integrity, honesty, quality, and the importance of impact -- of making a direct, positive difference through what we do.

Featuring the professional consulting skills of John H. Campbell and Martha DeLong, we provide local, national, and international consulting services in research, training, planning, and problem solving.

Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government has recognized work we have done for clients as an "Innovation in State and Local Government."  We have been recognized by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest and the Oregon Community Foundation for outstanding commitment to supporting community involvement and we are ready to work with innovative clients who are equally committed to making a difference as well.

This section of our web site includes key information on our staff, how to contact us, and some suggestions for determining if we are right for your organization and you for ours.  However, the best way to determine if we are right for you is to call or e-mail us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!