Market and Product Research

Business-to-Business & Consumer Research Services

Providers of national and international market and opinion research for private sector clients. Quantitative and qualitative research is custom-designed to meet each client's unique needs. Not just data collection.

CDRI can help your organization:

  • Refine and improve its product or service
  • Understand its market and your position in the market
  • Understand the opinions and underlying attitudes of key audiences
  • Improve relations with its customers, employees, or investors
  • Enhance communications between key audiences
  • Accelerate its ability to meet its goals
  • We help our clients solve problems through the right combination of research, innovation, common sense, and a commitment to quality.

Intelligent, Customized Research Solutions

“Every client's business is unique. What's a positive outcome for one client may be a 'no go' for another. That's why we start every project by listening to the client, then designing and conducting research that is a custom fit. Once data collection is complete, because we listened at the beginning, we can help you hear not just what potential customers said or what percentage of customers gave a particular answer,  but what it all means for your business.”

Martha DeLong, CEO & Research Director