Strategic and Resource Planning

We combine our experience in training, market research, and organizational assessment to develop strategic plans that match the needs and goals of the organization. We know that a plan is nothing more than a document, unless the people who will carry it out have been intimately involved in its development and refinement. Strategic planning must clearly outline mission, goals, and objectives in a manner that identifies responsibilities and ensures an effective match with budget planning cycles.

Examples of our work in this arena include development of the Portland Police Bureau's Community Policing Strategic Plan adopted by the City of Portland in 1994 (designed to be the successor to the Portland Police Bureau's original Community Policing Transition Plan), creating the Honolulu Police Department's "HPD 2003" five-year strategic plan through a facilitated process involving a broad range of stakeholders in the community, and taking the lead consulting role for developing the "Columbia Oriented Policing" plan for the Columbia Missouri Police Department, completed in 2002.

More recently, we have applied, and adapted, similar techniques to the challenges that face fire and rescue services and emergency communications agencies. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R), Canby Fire District, and the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency are examples of clients in this category.

On a national level, the Washington, D.C.-based Community Policing Consortium hired Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. to develop trainings for law enforcement and city administrators on how best to develop and implement strategic plans for community policing. (The Community Policing Consortium includes the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriffs' Association, Police Executive Research Forum, and the Police Foundation.) That curriculum, developed in the mid 90s (and somewhat outdated compared to the current techniques we offer!) has become part of the curriculum taught by many regional community policing institutes (RCPIs) today.

Resource planning
has been developed in parallel with the strategic planning focus. We understand that appropriate resource need projections involve not just looking into the future, but understanding how effectively resources are being used today as well. For an orientation to our approach to resource planning, see the article we developed with our strategic partners and associates on the subject: Officer-Per-Thousand Formulas and Other Policing Myths.