Are We Right for You and You for Us?

Clients who are genuinely interested in serving their communities, markets, and employees well, and who value collaborative relationships with the consulting team, can expect to gain tremendous value from our work.

We have helped solve complex problems for our clients and developed groundbreaking and award-winning work for many over the years. We can help you do that, too. We find that the best consulting relationships always begin not with forms, applications, or proof-of-insurance certificates, but with a good conversation. Before we work with you, give us a chance to listen to you and to speak in person about your challenges.

Here's how to decide if we might be a good fit:

We encourage you to call us if all of the following are true for you:

  • You are genuinely motivated by a desire to deliver a better result to your customers, constituents, or community.
  • You seek the expertise and knowledge of a skilled consultant.
  • You value give and take, critical thinking, sound science, and common sense.
  • You seek cost-effective results, and reliable, "no-surprises" pricing, from your consultant.
  • You understand what it means to say that, "while change is inevitable, improvement is not" and seek a consultant who will help keep the focus on improvement.
  • You have at least some sense of humor.


We encourage you to contact other consultants if the following are true for you:

  • Your primary motivation for hiring us is to satisfy orders from someone else to find a low-cost consultant.
  • You are looking only for effort (labor hours) and not expertise (leadership assistance and insightful thinking).
  • You are convinced a) that generic online surveys are the best way to conduct any research project, or b) that anyone can provide competent training if armed with a set of PowerPoint slides.
  • When asked to select two of the following for your project: Quality, Speed, and Price,  Quality doesn't make the cut.
  • You are pretty sure that, in general, the status quo is always an option.

Does it sound like we are a match? If so give us a call and let's begin the conversation.