Defensible Space/"CPTED"

Having taught Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design since 1989, we now provide assessments to property management organizations on the applied use of CPTED and its interplay with the task of effective, ongoing property management. The key, from our viewpoint, is to ensure that environmental changes are done in concert with the other, more "human" considerations -- for example, house rules, lease enforcement, screening, and chiefly, resident involvement.

We can also help if there is a need for code review or similar considerations. For example, we have assisted the City of Portland in the drafting of new approaches for integrating CPTED principles into properties, and have taught code enforcers, fire prevention officers, and landlords and property managers methods for integrating such principles into their work as well.

Please note that, if your desire is to gain a CPTED review of specific property, it is our policy to review not just the physical design and maintenance issues, but also the management approaches employed. If the issues at a property are caused by the need to improve screening and lease enforcement, we'll want to find that out, because changes in lighting, fencing, or landscaping will have little impact until these issues are addressed, in concert, of course, with design and maintenance changes as well.

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